One to one WebRTC voice and video chat app for Android within your local wifi network.


Local calls worked generally. Some bugs around making connections and dropping calls. Only in layer 2 networks.


We tested the version 1.0.1. It installed on all our phones and we were able to make calls and video chats.

  • Install the software
  • One phone needs to show the QR-Code the other one needs to scan the QR-Code to create a Contact.
    • The contact should appear on both devices ()
  • You can now call your contact

Problems we found:

  • Not all contact were able to find and call each other. This might have been due to the Wifi.


  • WebRTC for Video/Audio transmission
  • transmits username and mac address via QR-Code
  • connection is done via IPv6 link local addresses (fe80: + )
    • this address only works on layer 2, but otherwise it can work over the Internet